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NOTP - the Reboot

It's Finally Time!!! After much thought, deliberation and cosmic insight, we have decided to make an upgrade to our efforts with NOTP.

> First - [From Jay]

We are shifting to an overall new direction for what we do. "I don't know if I am getting older or just evaluating in a clearer way the influence I want to promote in our local communities. Life for everyone is full of fear & anxiety ridden headlines. "If it bleeds, it leads" "gotcha Q&A sessions" and "what's the dirt on this one or that one" coming from a jaded industry thirsting to be "click-bait central." A certain part of society wants the dirt, grime and gore to the point that the industry will give the audience the "blood" they crave. It's disgusting!

When I was a kid, I didn't mind throwing dirt clods at wasp nests and beehives. I have had a "HUGE" transformation in my life (that I hope to share at some point) and my hope is to use these platforms (website, radio & podcast) as a resource of good information and thought-provoking discourse... we can disagree without hating each other...we can agree to disagree...and we can discuss touchy subjects without playing to the sensational norms of the industry. We should all be striving to support, encourage and uplift our neighbors to an honorable and just end and that's the direction I hope to represent moving forward. When an expose' is needed I will be there... but the "dirt clod" days are over for me!

> Second, Thursday Nights on KJAS 107.3 FM, will focus more on interviews from officials, volunteers, religious leaders and businesspeople around southeast Texas with periodic LIVE / Call-In Shows that will be announced in advance for the public to participate.

NOTE - While I am thankful for the opportunity to air our interviews through KJAS, I want to remind the public that I am not employed by, sponsored by OR funded in any way shape or form by Rayburn Broadcasting, KJAS Radio, any employee of Rayburn Broadcasting OR the owner Mike Lout. I would also like to take a moment to inform everyone that I am NOT a journalist. I enjoy conversations with all types of people, and I look at this endeavor as my way of volunteering in our communities. NOTP is funded by sponsorship or donations alone.

> Third, the teacher/student combo have moved to a better format as a podcast/zoom show that is NOT restricted by the clock. This will allow me & Kerry more time to dig into the current events and topics of the day. We hope you have enjoyed the content so far and we hope you enjoy the transition to recorded and LIVE ZOOM sessions. LIVE ZOOM events are currently being planned for those of you who like the banter between Jay Sharp & Kerry Thomas and want to chime in... they will be posted through our channels of social media.

> Finally, a NEW FACEBOOK PAGE! Early in the first quarter of 2022, Facebook restricted our reach, boosting or marketing ALL of the interviews and shows we produced. They stated that NOTP violated "Community Guidelines" and after many appeals falling on deaf ears... We started our new page called "NOTP the Reboot." <<<<<CLICK HERE

HELP US get the word out!!!

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