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HUFFINGTON POST Article raises its Head once Again: Love & Hate in the Jasper, Texas Mayoral Race

I heard someone say one time that bad publicity is still free publicity. That being said, I wanted to take a moment to address and clarify somethings that were never officially addressed back in 2013:

  1. Negative publicity is fine... but I do not appreciate being referred to as a hater. For the record, I only hate a couple of things... Spiders, Sugar Free Anything, Brussel Sprouts, Liars and Abusive People.

  2. Mr. Griffin made it a point of knowledge at the time of running for mayor, that he wanted to be Jasper's first "Gay Mayor." This information came to me from a number of sources at the time.

  3. "Mock him for being gay" - I never intentionally mocked him for being gay before, during or after the interview. I could care less who he finds attractive or is married to... that's his business completely.

  4. "The kind of hatred being expressed towards Griffin is no different than that which fueled the killing of Byrd, or of that which killed Marco McMillian, a gay mayoral candidate found dead in Mississippi. Hateful words always lead to violence." - Hateful words always lead to violence??!! It's almost been 10 years since this interview, and I am happy to inform everyone that I have not pursued any violence towards Mr. Griffin, and he has done the same. However, this ignorant article in the Huffington Post managed to make its way to the campus of LSU. We began to receive death threats and people following us on the highways. We returned the favor by arming ourselves and preparing for conflict, but nothing ever materialized. I find it funny that the author of this article, Bethany Blankley, suggested that "I" would pursue violence and yet it was the Libtards that began the threats and weird business until we strapped up.

  5. I also found out after this article was made public that Bethany Blankley is somehow "kin-folk" of Griffins and thus wanted to inflame an interview that may have been provocative yet not filled with hatred.

  6. To Ms. Blankley, I have never spoken to you directly and would have been more than happy to give my side of the story if you were a real journalist looking for the truth in this matter. That must be why you have the title of "Contributor" beside your name in the article. I'm not sure how the Huffington Post conducts screening for such a title, but they need to pick the bar up a little.

Jay Sharp


Love & Hate in the Jasper, Texas Mayoral Race

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