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Not On The Payroll (NOTP) started as a live call-in radio program based in SE Texas in 2012. Although the show only aired for one year, it found many regional fans and haters alike. From the Huffington Post's scathing review to weekly confrontational live call-ins & interviews, NOTP had a way of pouring gasoline on topics while lighting the matches.

(The Reboot) Not On The Payroll is "hopefully" growing up and relaxing more into a resource for the community on many topics. Although we may speak about religion and political topics, our ultimate objective is to be a platform for those in the community to share their own experiences and voice. We are also hoping to expose the public to a large number of businesses and groups throughout SE Texas that are here and available to help and support the citizens in their daily lives. 

NOTP is a unique blend of teacher and student. Kerry Thomas spent a portion of his educational career teaching Government & Economics in Buna, Texas at Buna High School where he met Jay Sharp who barely graduated BHS in 1995.

NOTP is meant as provocative & thought inspiring fodder in search for the truth...



A 5th generation Texan, Kerry Thomas studied history and political science at Lamar University and theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

After working on a church staff, he spent the next 31 years in education, most of it as an instructor of government and economics in the Buna ISD.

Since retiring from teaching, he has worked in political campaigns and has traveled the globe including 3 trips to Great Britain and Ireland, Canada, and an extended visit to Hong Kong and China.

Married 40 years to his wife Deborah, they are the proud parents of a son of Reid, a UT-Austin grad, and equally as proud of their daughter-in-law April, a Texas A&M alumni. 



A fourth generation Texan, Jay Sharp did not like studying in high school and thus dropped out of college at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas 

After working in many various jobs and positions through the years, he has spent almost a decade in the oil & gas industry. From drilling in West Texas to working pipe lines, compressor stations & pump stations from Colorado to South Texas, his main expertise is in administrative capacities. 

Having not retired yet, he spends most of his days working in administration for an oilfield construction company that services the gulf states. 

Married for 23 years to the love of his life Katherine. They are the proud parents of 5 children. 

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